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Quick and Reliable Car Repair Services in Phoenix, Arizona


At Drive Now Inc. we know you think a lot about where to take your car when it needs a checkup or repair. Bring it by the Drive Now Inc. Service Department to be sure you are giving your car the best care possible. Our expertly trained service staff are experienced in knowing how to properly service any vehicle and will always take the necessary measures to make sure your car makes it back on the road safely.

We have a service department filled with knowledgeable mechanics who will make sure everything is secure and masterly treated so you can be certain you’ll drive away satisfied. The Drive Now Inc. service department for used cars in Arizona will make sure you are back on the road in a safe vehicle running smoothly and at an affordable price.

Phone: 602-262-3783

Service Department Featured Services

Auto Repair Services

Brake Inspection

Break problems often start out small but can become a bigger more costly fix. Drive Now technicians can detect issues before they are too serious.

Wheel Alignment

When something feels off with your tire alignment, your ability to drive safely is compromised. Come see us at Drive Now and our experts will take a look!

Tire Rotation

Why is it important to rotate your tires? Regular rotations prevent uneven wear on your tires that result in uneven wear on your front or rear axle.

Air Conditioning Repair

No one wants to be stuck in the heat without a working AC! Drive Now technicians can assess your issue and get your air conditioning running again.

Shock and Strut Services

Suspension systems help you stay in control of your vehicle while on the road. We can ensure your safety when you bring your car in for a suspension check.

Filter Replacement

Whether it’s your air filter or fuel filter, filters need to be as clean as possible to prevent contaminants from entering your fuel, engine or air conditioning systems.


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