Things To Keep In Mind When Driving a Hybrid Car In Arizona

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With the price of gas inflating to unprecedented levels, you may find yourself looking to buy a used hybrid vehicle — and you’re not alone. The appeal of a vehicle that requires fewer trips to the pump, but is cheaper than electric hybrid cars, is one of the main features that inspire people to buy a hybrid vehicle. However, with this decision, you may ask yourself whether it’s right to drive a used hybrid car in Arizona, how the heat affects hybrid cars, and other similar questions.

While having a hybrid car may be more convenient in some areas, hybrid cars have notoriously lower lifespans than their electric and conventional counterparts. And replacing a battery or engine for these vehicles isn’t cheap. As such, if you’re still in the market for hybrid vehicles or are currently using a hybrid car, here are a few tips to remember when driving a hybrid vehicle in Arizona.

Park In A Garage When Possible

Auto Trader recommends that hybrid vehicles not actively stay in temperatures under 20 degrees Fahrenheit and over 95 degrees. Of course, anyone who’s lived in the valley can attest that it’s a good day when the summer temperature is 95 degrees rather than the typical 110 degrees we’re used to. As such, while we may not have to worry about the cold in Arizona, the summer weather can harm the lifespan of your hybrid’s battery. 

Keep An Eye On Oil Changes

Like a regular car, regular maintenance will help extend your vehicle’s life and the average miles per gallon. A general rule of thumb is to get your hybrid car an oil change every 5,000 to 10,000 miles.

Implement Best Driving Practices

The weather isn’t the only thing that affects the number of miles per gallon you squeeze out of your car — the way you drive also has a massive impact on the reliability of your vehicle. Some of the best driving practices to keep in mind on the road are:

Pulse and Glide

Living in Arizona, we tend to put the pedal to the metal, but the constant flooring and braking will wear out your used hybrid over time. Speeding up or slowing down gradually will help ensure your car’s longevity.

Eco Mode

Staying out of sports mode and using eco mode is a great way to extend the life and mileage of your vehicle. According to Progressive, “The ideal time to use eco mode is when driving slower — typically under 45 miles per hour. It’s perfect for day-to-day use in settings where you’re likely to drive in a leisurely way. It’s a great way to save on fuel while running errands around town.”

Buying a used hybrid vehicle may be the right choice for you. You don’t have to worry about refilling at the pump as often as you would when driving a car with a regular gas engine, but the price is also more affordable than an all-electric vehicle. However, even the most reliable used hybrid cars can have setbacks when living in a state as hot and arid as Arizona. As such, it’s important always to be mindful of the various measures you can take to keep your used hybrid car working for as long as possible. Talk to us at Drive Now to learn your options for our best used hybrid cars.

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