Questions to Ask Your Arizona Car Dealership

Family Looking at Car

Often times, people purchase a used car, and then as a few days pass by you realize there were some questions they forgot to ask or didn’t even consider. Getting a good deal on a new car is more than just the price point, especially buying a used car. Drive Now wants to make sure that you are getting the best vehicle for your situation and that you are happy when you drive off the lot.

Before you make your final purchase take a few moments to ask your dealer these 5 simple questions.

1. How did the dealership get the car?
If the car you are looking to purchase is a trade-in to that dealership, don’t be afraid to ask to see the maintenance records (obviously not the former owner’s name and address). If the vehicle was bought at auction, make sure that it is carefully inspected by a mechanic at your Arizona car dealership.

2. Since the dealer has owned the car, has any other maintenance taken place on the vehicle?
Most likely, a car dealer is going to purchase and resell a quality vehicle. If any maintenance was needed, you want to make sure you know what it was and most likely means that you won’t be dealing with service repairs anytime soon after purchasing your new car.

3. What is the car mileage?
Even if the car is brand new, check the mileage. In some cases, the car might have gone on a lot of test-drives or maybe “dealer trade,” meaning that the dealer traded another car for it. This means it has been driven from another dealership, so if there are more than about 300 miles on the car, you need to negotiate a lower price. If the car used, research what a good price would be for the make, model, year, and mileage of the car you are interested in. The goal is to stay informed and educated when purchasing a car.

4. Can I take my time on a test drive?
Always test drive a vehicle before you buy it. Take the time to really adjust the seat and mirrors to your preferences. It also doesn’t hurt to ask your car dealer if you can take the car overnight for an extended test drive. You can offer to put it in writing that you won’t put more than x amount of miles on the odometer, you can prove that you have insurance, and you will bring the car back with a full tank (if you leave with a full tank).

5. Does everything work correctly?
Take the time to ask your car dealer, and personally check, that everything works in the car. Check all the features: cigarette lighter, locks, windows, gas cap, alarm (if it has one), etc. Ensure that the fluid tanks don’t leak and that there is a spare tire and jack in the trunk. You don’t want to get home and realize a feature that may seem small is not working. Avoid minor hassles by asking your dealer and thoroughly checking out the car yourself.

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