Questions to Ask When Buying Your Next Used Car

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Whether you purchase a used car because of your budget or if you’re just really into recycling, you will need that car to be dependable. Finding a trusted dealer who won’t sell you a lemon isn’t always easy. Asking the following smart questions when you buy your next used car may save you time and money.

Is there still a Manufacturer’s warranty?
Many used cars still carry the manufacturer’s warranty and often that warranty can be transferred to the new owner. It never hurts to ask and knowing can save you hundreds of dollars in future repairs.

What do you offer for Extended Warranties?
The best used car dealers buy here pay here offers for financing. If you are financing your used vehicle at the dealership (or even if you’re not), many dealers have extended warranty programs that can be purchased and included in the monthly payments. This can save you thousands on repairs that would have been covered by the manufacturer’s warranty before it expired. Since the extended warranty cost is usually woven into the price there are no extra upfront costs.

Does this car have any unfixed recalls?
Typically manufacturers fix all recalls before listing a car or truck for sale, but there are no federal laws banning dealers from selling used cars with outstanding recalls. A quick Google search while you are standing in the dealership will tell you which recalls have been issued for that vehicle. Ask which recalls have been fixed and which have not. It would also be wise to get that information in writing. Ask why the recalls haven’t been fixed. Since you will need to take extra time to get those recalls completed, you should know why they haven’t been addressed yet by the dealer.

Do you offer any service plans?
Many states have Lemon Laws, but dealers can sell cars with unknown problems. Hoping to get the best trade-in price, the previous owner probably didn’t mention any invisible damage or funny sounds that may not be immediately obvious. Ask if the dealer has any kind of service plan in case something goes wrong within the first few months.

Even if you have no idea what you’re looking for, kick the tires and check under the hood. Take that all-important test drive and make sure you feel comfortable driving the vehicle. Check with the dealer for the best buy here pay here offers and make sure you get all your questions answered before you sign on the dotted line.