Just Starting Your Career? Buying a Used Car is Best

Man Holding Keys

When starting any career, a reliable vehicle is a necessity. As a young professional strapped for cash, a new car may be out of your price range, but that doesn’t mean you can’t own a nice, dependable vehicle. A used car can be the best option for many reasons.

Used Cars Are Affordable

Since used cars cost less than a new model, used cars are more affordable. The popular Ford Focus is both practical and easy on the budget. The lower ticket price makes the payments more manageable and the reliability means it will hold up longer. Buying a vehicle that is two years old or older is the most cost-effective way to own a car.

Used Cars Are Practical

Practicality goes along with affordability. A well-built, dependable vehicle like a Hyundai Sonata is a good choice. Hyundai cars are legendary for their long lifespan and dependability. A practical car can handle everything from the salesman’s frequent windshield time to the lifestyle of an active road tripper. You can get more bang for your buck when purchasing a used vehicle. You may not be able to purchase a new luxury vehicle, but you may be able to afford the same vehicle used.

Used Cars Have Lower Insurance Costs

When looking at cars for sale in Glendale, AZ, keep insurance costs in mind. Used vehicle insurance costs are far less than new cars. Why spend more on insurance when you can drive a nice 2+ year old used vehicle and save hundreds on insurance costs? Insurance costs are determined by several factors including vehicle value, driving history, driver’s age, and gaps in coverage. Driving a used car can help lower your monthly insurance costs.

Used Cars Have More Options

Though you may be able to afford one or two basic newer models, you are sure to have a wider selection of vehicles with more features when you purchase a used car. Used vehicles tend to come with many features because they were used to attract buyers to purchase them new in the first place.

Used Cars Have Already Lived Through Recalls and Depreciation

Purchasing a used car allows you to see how vehicles compare over time. If you purchase a brand new model you can be plagued with recalls. If you purchase a used car over 2 years old, you have given manufacturers times to work out the bugs and fix the recalls, leaving you with a more reliable vehicle. The greatest advantage of buying used is that the original owner will have absorbed depreciation costs. This allows the next owner to save thousands on the cost of your car. If you’re ready for the next step to find out what questions to ask when buying a used car or contact us to get started!