Is a Hybrid Right for Me?

Hybrid Car

When you think of fuel efficiency, your mind might automatically jump to a hybrid vehicle. Keep reading to unlock the myths of hybrid vehicles, and learn about the best used hybrid cars available from our buy here pay here dealership at Drive Now.

Gas, Diesel, and Electric Hybrid Cars: Myths Revealed

Just because a car has a traditional gas motor doesn’t mean it gets poor gas mileage. Some 4-cylinder model cars can get up to 40mpg! The key is to drive smart, not too fast, and ideally, mostly on highways. You will save a lot of money on gas if you opt for a manual transmission vehicle over an automatic one.

Diesel vehicles come in all shapes and sizes and are perfect for buyers interested in a bigger vehicle without compromising miles per gallon. Diesel engines operate about 30% more efficiently than regular gas, so they can also get you up to the 40-mpg range.

Electric hybrid cars are an excellent option for city drivers who only need to travel a few miles on a single charge. They must be plugged into an outlet to recharge and can travel approximately 50-100 miles on a full charge. You can see why this would be the best option for a small percentage of drivers because of this limitation.

Which Car is Right for Me?

Of course, used hybrid cars are an excellent choice for shoppers from all areas. Nowadays, there is plenty of options, from zippy compact cars to SUVs and even full-sized trucks. Almost everyone can find a hybrid model to suit their family’s needs. Used hybrid cars run on both gasoline and electric power. At low speeds in town, only the electric engine works to power the car, making it almost silent and extremely efficient. At higher speeds, the gasoline engine kicks in to assist and provide supplemental power.

No matter what type of vehicle you are in the market for, the used car experts at Drive Now will help you learn more about fuel efficiency and which type of car, truck, SUV, or van will work best for your driving needs. Come visit us at Drive Now today for the best used hybrid cars available and enjoy the convenience of buy here pay here in Arizona!