How Do I Find the Best Used Car Dealership?

advantages of buying a used car

We all know that buying a new car can be a challenge, but finding a dealership to buy one can be even more daunting. You’re probably imagining a crowded lot with dealers that are trying to use high-pressure sales tactics to get you to spend more money than you can afford to. You’re afraid you might buy whatever they sell you because you’re not even sure what it is you want!

Don’t worry! Drive Now is here to offer you the tips and skills needed to approach this scenario with confidence. The dynamic of the car dealer and customer relationships has changed over the past few years. Dealers tend to now be rightly focused on customer satisfaction and sales satisfaction ratings, as this criteria leads to bigger bonuses and other rewards. When you are looking for the best used car dealership here are some things to remember:

Find a Local Used Car Dealership

Before you locate a local dealership, begin your search for the perfect car further away from home by spreading your net to gather quotes and begin initial research. By the time you search brings you closer to home, you will have several good quotes for the dealer to match. There are varying advantages from buying a car locally. First of all, the salesperson may view you as a neighbor and a good relationship may be formed. As a customer, you represent years of repeat maintenance, repair, and possibly another commission later down the road.

Do Your Homework

Don’t walk onto a lot blindly, come prepared with a few ideas of the type of car you want and most importantly, the car you need. Think about what your car is used for: do you need a truck to load tools for work or do you need a minivan to bring your kids to school and after-school activities? Know how much you can afford for monthly payments, research online different vehicle MPGs, consider car safety, and other variables that are important to your daily transportation needs.

Ask Around

When you are searching for a car and a dealership, ask your relatives, friends, and co-workers for referrals in your area. If you know someone with the type of car you want, ask them about their experiences with both the car and with the car dealer. Word-of-mouth references and advice are a great way to get a feel for a dealership’s culture and the knowledge of its employees.