What Does Buy Here Pay Here Mean?

Cash in Hand

Most people have heard the expression “buy here pay here.” Locally, they are commonly referring to selling used cars at a buy here pay here Phoenix lot. However, just because they have heard the term doesn’t mean that they understand it. So, what does “buy here, pay here” really mean?

When you “buy here pay here” you are basically doing all of your dealings at the car lot.
You won’t have to worry about getting a loan at another financial institute before you are able to buy a car. Instead, you can sign all of the paperwork right at our used car lot and drive away in a new car.

It can be easier to get a “buy here pay here” loan.
Often, buying a car is necessary and unexpected. You may not have a big down payment (or one at all)! That is not usually a problem when you buy and pay here. If you have bad credit or have even been turned away from other loans, that doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to get the car that you need. More people are able to get the car that they deserve, no matter what their credit it.

Most “buy here pay here” dealers take trades, no matter what shape they are in.
Most buy here pay here Phoenix used car dealerships will gladly give you money for your car so that you can buy a better vehicle, no matter what condition it is in.

Even better, they may accept your trade instead of needing cash for a down payment.
If you are able to trade in your current vehicle instead of waiting until you can scrape up some cash, you are more likely to get the vehicle that you need.

“Buy here pay here” loans are a great way to get the car that you need (and deserve), no matter what your credit is like and how much money you have to put down. Many buy here pay here used car dealers are not as picky with trade-ins, sometimes counting that as your down payment.

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