Build Your Credit By Buying a Used Car with $500 Down

Woman in driver seat

Raise your hand if this situation sounds relatable? You are in desperate need of a new used vehicle, but you have next to nothing in your savings and your credit is shot. This can be a paralyzing situation. Where do you turn to? A buy here pay here lot like Drive Now is the answer. We are a premier used auto dealership in the Phoenix area, and offer programs to consumers with poor credit. We feature a huge variety of cars that will be sure to fit your lifestyle and budget.

Affordable Monthly Payments

Most banks and dealerships will not even entertain offering loans to consumers with poor credit histories. The ones that do will most likely attach an outrageous interest rate to the loan, making monthly payments impossible, and further bludgeoning your credit score. Drive Now works with you by offering programs that provide reasonable interest rates with affordable monthly payments.

How Do I Get a Car for $500 Down?

Our $500 down auto financing program is a hit with our consumers and for good reason. This is an opportunity to purchase the vehicle you need and desire all while building up your credit at the same time. Here’s how it works: Lay $500 down at purchase, and drive your new used car home the same day (pending a chat with one of our financial officers). As long as you meet your monthly payment requirements, you are on your way to better credit because timely payments can increase score (as long as your other bills, loans, payments, etc are all being met on time too).

Buy Here Pay Here and a Budget You Can Afford

Don’t have enough of a budget to afford the used car of your dreams? Drive offers a variety of practical and affordable vehicles. Think of this as an interim purchase to use as a stepping stone towards better credit, and eventually the used or even new car of your dreams. By making your monthly payments with the $500 down auto financing program, your increased credit score will lead to more advantageous financing in the future, which in turn can lead you to your dream car.

Purchasing a used vehicle from Drive Now is a great way to save money and even build your credit. What’s not to like?