4 Tips to Keep Your Car Cool in the Summer Heat

Sunny Desert

Everybody knows the feelings of getting into a car boiling from sitting in the sun; the sweltering air hitting your face as the doors get opened, the seats scalding your skin as you gingerly seat yourself, and even the burning of the steering wheel against your already sweaty palms. Well, the Phoenix car dealer experts at Drive Now have compiled these “4 Tips to Keep Your Car Cool in the Summer Heat” to keep you comfortable while on the go!

Tip #1 – Clip in the seat buckles when you are not in the car.
Touching hot metal that has been sitting directly in the sun while you were enjoying the pool might as well be the equivalent to touching a branding iron that has been sitting in the fire. In order to avoid cooking yourself your very own seat belt brand, simply click the seat belt in when you are not in the car. While the car may get hot, your seat belt metal gets sheltered, which results in a belt you can maneuver without fear.

Tip #2 – Buy detachable shades or have seat covers (towels) to counteract the sun.
If parking facing away from the sun is not a viable option, simply getting the shades with suction cups are enough to protect the car and reduce the heat. You may even recognize these types of shades in Phoenix car dealer lots all over the city. For an even cheaper option, a towel can do the trick as well. Simply cover the seat with them before stepping out, and remove them when you return.

Tip #3 – At home, build or buy a shade to park your car under.
Hot cars are not simply a problem when out and about–they can feel too hot to climb into just from being parked in the driveway. A simple solution could be building your own shade (from materials as cheap as PVC pipe and directions found online for free!) or purchasing one at a nearby sports store (or a large store, such as Wal-Mart).

Tip #4 – Alternatively, embrace the sun!
Invest in a small solar panel that can sit on the dashboard and charge something like a fan to keep the air circulating in the car. This (along with the other methods) are efficient ways of cooling the car. The cooler the car is inside, the less AC gets used, and the better your gas mileage. The panel can also charge anything from your GPS, to your phone, to other electronics to keep restless passengers entertained.

We hope these tips can make getting into your vehicle in the summer more tolerable, or even an environmentally friendly investment. Drive Now’s Phoenix car dealer location offers a range of financing systems for people with bad or no credit that can help you to get the car to cruise through summer with. Our buy here pay here options and bad credit auto loans allow you to get an affordable, reliable vehicle that won’t burn you (literally and figuratively) as you build on bad or no credit with low payments. Contact us to pick the perfect car for your needs today.