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When is the Best Time to Buy a Used Car?

Have you always wondered when the best time to buy a used car is? Or maybe you would rather know the worst time of year to buy a new car? Check out the data Drive Now has gathered from on when the most Arizona used cars are purchased. We’ve got the top 5 best and worst times to purchase a car. If you like to plan accordingly, it looks like the fall holidays are key to getting you the most bang for your buck!

Top 5 Times of the Year to Buy a Car:

Black Friday – 33% more deals
Veterans Day – 32% more deals
Thanksgiving – 30% more deals
Columbus Day – 30% more deals
Martin Luther King Jr. Day – 30% more deals

Top 5 Worst Times of the Year to Buy a Car:

Fourth of July – 28% less likely to get a deal
Mother’s Day – 27% less likely to get a deal
April – 27% less likely to get a deal
May – 26% less likely to get a deal
June – 23% less likely to get a deal

The best time to buy doesn’t have to just stop with this list. At Drive Now, you can buy Arizona used cars for the best deals any time of year! To learn more about how you can save on Arizona used cars, fill out the simple form to your right and we’ll have an expert contact you as soon as possible!

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