Rain, Rain, Go Away! Safety Tips for Driving in the Rain

Driving in the Rain

Driving in harsh weather is a scary and normally unexpected task that all Arizona drivers will ultimately face. It’s always good to know what to do in unsafe driving conditions. The experts of used cars in Arizona at Drive Now want you to know how you can stay safe on the roads and drive carefully when during inclement weather.


Phoenix Drive Now’s Road Trip Tips for Safety and Savings

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Whether you’re heading out with your friends for Spring Break or packing up the family to head across country, don’t leave home without Phoenix Drive Now’s road trip tips for safety, packing, and saving money. What You Need to Know Before You Head Out On the Road Before you leave for your trip, we recommend getting a vehicle inspection. Stop by Drive Now’s service center or your local garage to have a professional check all the fluid levels, the quality of your wiper blades, belt and hose connections, tire pressure, turn signals, and headlights. Also, prepare by keeping tools and a safety kit in your trunk. The following should always be within reach when you open your trunk: bottled water, a tire iron, first-aid kit, reflectors, and flares. Make sure your spare tire is in working order too. You don’t want to be stuck miles from home with a flat tire, and not


3 Apps That Will Make Your Summer Road Trip A Whole Lot Better

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Looking for some summer road trip ideas? We have the perfect solution for you, while keeping you within your budget. With Drive Now, you can get the best used cars Arizona has to offer at affordable prices with solid payment plans for any credit or income. The Drive Now team has discovered some useful apps that would pair perfectly with any summer road trip plan! Gas Buddy GasBuddy is an app that makes it easy for anyone to find gas stations and also compares gas prices at the station locations surrounding you, ensuring that you’re getting the best deal you could possibly get while on a budget! In fact, GasBuddy has every single gas station in North America mapped out for you. Just tap on a location and GasBuddy will provide you with an easy and quick navigation map. Trip Advisor You’ve probably heard of the website, but did you