Rain, Rain, Go Away! Safety Tips for Driving in the Rain

Driving in the Rain

Driving in harsh weather is a scary and normally unexpected task that all Arizona drivers will ultimately face. It’s always good to know what to do in unsafe driving conditions. The experts of used cars in Arizona at Drive Now want you to know how you can stay safe on the roads and drive carefully when during inclement weather.


4 Ways to Keep Your Roads Cyclist Friendly

People Cycling in Street

You may have seen from your time on the road that transportation via bicycle is becoming more and more common. Dealerships like Drive Now that sell used cars in Phoenix, AZ are teaming up to educate our customers and all other drivers the best practices for sharing the road with bicyclists. Check out these tips the used cars Phoenix AZ experts at Drive Now have to share: Leave enough space Some state laws require drivers to leave at least three feet of space between their car and any cyclists ahead. Leave enough room between your car and bicycle riders ahead of you. Turn cautiously and don’t forget to yield Cyclists ride on the right side of the road, so you may hit an unsuspecting rider with a quick turn. Check your mirrors and be aware of blind spots before turning. While at a stop sign or red light, make a


Automotive Christmas Gifts Everyone Wants

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The holiday season is right around the corner, parties are planned, and the gifts purchased. Well almost. There are always those last minutes gifts to pick up, like for Secret Santa, Yankee Swap, or stocking stuffers. Luckily, there are a number of gifts on this list that will fit every budget and will please anyone, because, let’s face it, we all have cars. You don’t have to be a car buff to appreciate these vehicle-related gifts. Everyone Wants a Gas Card Getting a gas card for the holidays will please any driver on your gift list, especially a younger person like a high school or college student. Gas is expensive and a welcome gift when people need to get around. You can pick one up at almost any gas station for any price point. A Travel Coffee Mug for On-the-Go For under $20, you can get someone a travel mug


Arizona Used Car Dealerships Holiday Tips: Traveling with Pets

Dogs in Car

The holiday season is right around the corner which means a lot of traveling plans are in the works. We load our cars packed with gifts, luggage, and food, but most importantly with our family and loved ones. Among the precious cargo- our husbands, wives, children, and ourselves – our pets are some the most vulnerable while traveling. Understanding the proper safety precautions while driving will protect your dog or cat, passengers, as well as the driver. That’s why Drive Now decided to put together these 3 important tips to keep your pet safe while traveling this season. Plan Ahead Of Time Wherever you are traveling this season, get a head start by thinking about the routes and weather conditions you might be traveling in. It’s important to make sure there will be stops along the way to let your dog out to stretch and do their business. You should