3 Reasons You Should Buy a Used Pickup Truck This Year

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You never know how much you need a pickup truck in your life until you own one. Though that’s no secret for your average truck owner, the first-time truck buyer may not know it yet. They are functional, versatile, fuel efficient, even comfortable, and affordable—which is probably why you don’t see too many used pickup trucks at car dealerships in Phoenix.


What are the Best Year-End Deals and Financing Opportunities?


As 2017 comes to a close, new and used car dealerships are looking to clear out inventory and finish the year on a high note. If you’re looking to buy a used car before the year’s end, then you can drive into 2018 with a new ride at a low price with bad credit buy here pay here options! Why is year-end such a good time to buy a used car? During the fall season, car lots are packed with unsold older models. Now, dealers want to get rid of the remaining inventory to make room for new inventory. This points to big potential savings for year-end buyers, mainly on outgoing models.


The Truth Behind Holiday Car Shopping

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Everyone has a really tight and busy schedule around the holidays, but if you’re in the market for a car, this might be the time to buy! With new models having just come out in the fall, you’re bound to find something newer and cheaper, that still includes some of the best technology there is on the market! Even if you’re tight on cash this time of year, Drive Now has some of the best car loans Arizona programs you could possibly find!


Do Some Research Before Buying Your Next Used Car


Choosing the right vehicle to get you where you need to go can be a daunting task. You need a reliable vehicle, but you don’t want to pay a fortune. Knowing where to start can be as overwhelming as the process itself, so doing a bit of research will help you make a more informed decision. 


Pros of Buying a Used Car with a Tax Refund

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It’s that time of year! No, not Christmas – tax season. While tax season can be stressful for some taxpayers, it can also feel a bit like, well, Christmas, to others. If you are receiving a big tax refund this year, how to spend it can be a difficult decision. While it may seem tempting to splurge and spend your tax refund on non-essential items, putting that money toward a long-term investment is a better choice for the long run. Have you considered buying a used car? If not, maybe you should. Here are 3 reasons why buying a used with this year’s tax refund is a great idea:


Is Purchasing a Car Better than Leasing?

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You probably know a lot of people who lease a car and also a lot of people who own one. It’s like Pepsi and Coke, and people always have their preferred option. So are you wondering which option is best for you? At the end of the day, the choice is yours. However, the Arizona auto loans experts at drive not definitely recommend purchasing a car for multiple different reasons. Read on to find out the advantages acquired from purchasing your next car rather than leasing it.


Is a Hybrid Right for Me?

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When you think of fuel efficiency, your mind might automatically jump to a hybrid vehicle. But if you are shopping buy here pay here dealers in Arizona, for a used car, you have other options too! Gas, Diesel, and Electric Motors: Myths Revealed Just because a car has a traditional gas motor, doesn’t mean it gets poor gas mileage. Some 4-cylinder model cars can get up to 40mpg! The key is to drive smart, not too fast, and ideally, mostly on highways. You will save a lot of money on gas if you opt for a manual transmission vehicle over an automatic. Diesel vehicles come in all shapes and sizes and are perfect for buyers interested in a bigger vehicle without compromising miles per gallon. Diesel engines operate about 30% more efficient than regular gas, so it can also get you up to the 40-mpg range. Electric cars are a great


Buy Here Pay Here Phoenix Auto Financing

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Drive Now’s Buy Here Pay Here programs offer Arizona drivers the ability to get an auto loan even if they have bad credit or no credit history at all. Our goal is to make the entire car shopping experience as relaxing and enjoyable as possible. We make it easy for you by being a one-stop car dealership, offering a simple financing process, quality pre-owned vehicles, and a service center staffed with certified technicians. Drive Now offers Buy Here Pay Here Phoenix customers have come to rely on year after year.


Used Cars with New Technology

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When you buy a used car, it’s new to you. You may be thinking that a new car has all the bells and whistles that you want or need but over time the car make and model remains the same. You may have to trade a couple of luxury features for the basics, but this is where you will save money but still have a great return on your investment. The important elements of a good used car is an engine, transmission, and brakes that are all in good condition. A lot of people don’t realize that the technology used in most vehicles is typically at least 10 years old. It’s very likely that Arizona used cars for sale have the basic technology features that you’re looking for. Here at Drive Now, no car is completely outdated—you can get a used car with all the latest technology! Going Hands-Free If


Tips for Getting Auto Loans Approved, Even with Bad Credit

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When it’s time to look into purchasing a new car and you think that a used car is the right option for you, there are a few factors that come into play in order to come up with the finances in order to get approved for a loan. Are you prepared enough to walk into the dealership to apply? Don’t go in blindfolded! Read up on the Drive Now expert tips on the bad credit auto loans Arizona has in store for you, hassle free!


The Best Times in Your Life to Buy a Car

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We can all agree that purchasing a new car is a big decision, and there are several things to think about before you schedule a test drive. Not only that, but you need to decide if it’s the right time for you to buy a new car. To help you make that decision, here are the 3 best times in your life to buy a car. You might be surprised to find that right now could be the perfect time to start looking for your new car!


Quality Used Car Dealerships in Arizona

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Are you trying to find the best Phoenix auto sales offerings? Look no further! Buy Here Pay Here Phoenix, AZ Financing for Used Cars Drive Now is a premier Arizona car dealership. With two locations in Phoenix, we offer residents used cars at low prices, with unbeatable rebates and irresistible incentives like our Customer Referral Program, Action Care Program, and Military Assistance Program. Drive Now’s team has been serving the greater Phoenix area for many years, becoming a name that customers trust because we not only help you find the right used cars but offer financing solutions to match. The Drive Now Quality Guarantee We offer our customers a redefined buying experience, by providing a wide selection of affordable used cars, trucks, vans and SUVs in the most popular make and models. We also have a simple loan approval process that allows buyers with good credit, bad credit, or no


Best Value Used Cars in Phoenix AZ

The car experts have spoken! Forbes magazine has released their list of the best valued used cars and trucks of 2016, and Drive Now is proud to offer a large selection of these makes and models! We are constantly updating our inventory of used cars Phoenix residents depend on for quality, great service and the best price. Take a peek at what the professionals are saying about the most valued used cars this year.


Tips for Buying a Car and Taking Out Loans with Bad Credit

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Having a car is a necessity. You need a vehicle that will get you to and from work, provide the accessibility to get to a grocery store, pick up the kids at school or at their various activities, and any other part of life you need reliable transportation. At Drive Now, we have the best bad credit auto loans Arizona dealers have to offer because we want you to gain the financing you need in order to purchase your next vehicle.  Perhaps you have had some bad luck in your past and your credit score is not where you want it to be, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have a car to get you where you need to be. Here are some simple steps you take to purchase a vehicle even with bad credit.


Need a Car Now? The Solution is Arizona Auto Loans!


Finding the right car dealership, that fulfills your automotive needs isn’t always easy. There are several things to think about such as how much you are looking to spend on a new car as well as the safety of the vehicle. At the Drive Now, we can ease the stress that comes with buying a new car. Our experts will help you find the car you deserve at an affordable price. If you’re looking for the best Arizona auto loans you have come to the right place. Buying a new car can be a stressful experience, especially if you have bad credit or no credit history at all. There is no need to worry when you come to Drive Now because our well-informed and friendly sales staff will help you get auto financing to fit your budget and a car to suit your lifestyle. Our sales staff will guide you


Everything You Need To Know About Tax Deductible Vehicle Expenses

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When it comes to deducting auto expenses on your taxes, did you know what using a personal vehicle for business purposes can help you save some significant cash? On your taxes, you have two vehicle claims you can choose from. You could choose to claim the standard mileage rate or report any expenses incurred while using your vehicle for business-related activities. Standard Mileage Rates So what if you choose to claim the standard mileage rate? This option, according to the Drive Now experts for top car loans Arizona has to offer, is the simplest choice you could make. 2015’s rate of 57.5 cents/mile, but if you choose the option to claim this rate, you won’t be eligible to claim any car expenses for the year, including lease payments, fuel, insurance, or vehicle registration fees. In an average case, choosing the standard mileage rate will save more money than claiming any


3 Apps That Will Make Your Summer Road Trip A Whole Lot Better

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Looking for some summer road trip ideas? We have the perfect solution for you while keeping you within your budget. With Drive Now, you can get the most affordable used cars Arizona has to offer at affordable prices with solid payment plans for any credit or income. The Drive Now team has discovered some useful apps that would pair perfectly with any summer road trip plan!