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Young family playing soccer on a field When your family starts to grow, you realize that you need a dependable car to keep your family safe. There are plenty of models to choose from and determining what you need before you shop can save you time and possibly save you from a costly mistake.

Before you begin, consider your lifestyle, family size and the ages of your children.

Just because you might have bad credit doesn’t mean you can’t buy a car. Like everything else, the term “bad” is simply a matter of opinion and degree. You can help you get bad credit auto loans in AZ with terms that won’t go over your monthly budget, and here is how:

Research and Prepare Ahead of Time

Luckily, when looking to get an auto loan, Drive Now will work with you even if your credit history is less than perfect, but it is always good to be aware of your credit history. Everyone in the U.S. is eligible to get one free credit report a year, so take advantage of it before you purchase your new car. You can simply go to to review your report. Go through your report to ensure that there are no errors. Rather than viewing the negatives items as black [...]

Are you wondering, “How do I choose which used car to buy?” This is a common question when you start thinking about all the cars there are out there that you need to sift through. All you know is that you need a new car that you can rely on to get you to and from your daily activities. To help you get started with this overwhelming task, we have compiled a list the best options for your lifestyle, whether you are a student, outdoor enthusiast or live in an urban or suburban landscape.

The College Student

The student driver needs something that is not only reliable and affordable, but is still attractive. Don’t go overboard and get a car that too new or flashy because that will ultimately result in high insurance bills that could be hard to keep up with; choose something rational. Consumer favorites for [...]

Arizona auto loans for the holidaysThe holiday season is upon us, and that means spending money is a little too easy. Whether it’s a few dollars here or a big investment there, before you know it you are overspending. Instead of starting the holidays with spending binges (like on Black Friday, for instance), begin by getting your finances in order and your habits under control. Here are a few tips that will help make your purchases really count.

Create a Realistic Budget and Follow It

Don’t “just winging it” when you get your paycheck. How can you plan for your spending if you don’t have a budget set in place? Living paycheck to paycheck makes it difficult to save and allocate money so you feel in control of your finances. To do this, it’s best to set up attainable [...]

arizona bad credit car loansWe are all well aware that summer is wrapping up, and fall is just around the corner. It’s that time of year when dealerships are trying to clear out old stock and bring in the new cars of the season which means it’s the perfect time to buy a new or used car! You’re probably wondering, “Will I be able to get approved for car loans?” You will! And the process is fast and simple. Here are our 3 tips to get you in the new car of your dreams and on the road before you know it!

The Easy Way to Get Approved Today

1. Know what you need. Are you a busy mother making multiple trips to and from your kids school and other activities; a student driving to class; or a man that needs a pickup truck for your business? [...]

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