The Truth Behind Holiday Car Shopping

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Everyone has a really tight and busy schedule around the holidays, but if you’re in the market for a car, this might be the time to buy! With new models having just come out in the fall, you’re bound to find something newer and cheaper, that still includes some of the best technology there is on the market! Even if you’re tight on cash this time of year, Drive Now has some of the best car loans Arizona programs you could possibly find!


Boost Your Credit By Buying a Used Car

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When you’re looking to buy a used car, you may think that you need perfect credit and excess money and that if you don’t have either, getting a loan will be difficult. There are dealerships out there that are willing to help people who need to build their credit, require a smaller down payment (than a typical dealership), and will help provide you with a solution within your means. The goal is to build your credit while having reliable transportation. Combining research and awareness often times leads used car buyers to find dealerships that offer $500 down programs as a possible solution.


How Do I Choose Which Used Car to Buy?

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Are you wondering, “How do I choose which used car to buy?” This is a common question when you start thinking about all the cars there are out there that you need to sift through. All you know is that you need a new car that you can rely on to get you to and from your daily activities. To help you get started with this overwhelming task, we have compiled a list of the best options for your lifestyle, whether you are a student, outdoor enthusiast or live in an urban or suburban landscape. The College Student The student driver needs something that is not only reliable and affordable but is still attractive. Don’t go overboard and get a car that too new or flashy because that will ultimately result in high insurance bills that could be hard to keep up with; choose something rational. Consumer favorites for young


This Holiday Season Save Money Instead of Spending It

The holiday season is upon us, and that means spending money is a little too easy. Whether it’s a few dollars here or a big investment there, before you know it you are overspending. Instead of starting the holidays with spending binges (like on Black Friday, for instance), begin by getting your finances in order and your habits under control. Here are a few tips that will help make your purchases really count.


How Can I Get Approved for Car Loans?

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We are all well aware that summer is wrapping up, and fall is just around the corner. It’s that time of year when dealerships are trying to clear out old stock and bring in the new cars of the season which means it’s the perfect time to buy a new or used car! You’re probably wondering, “Will I be able to get approved for car loans?” You will! And the process is fast and simple. Here are our 3 tips to get you in the new car of your dreams and on the road before you know it!


Everything You Need To Know About Tax Deductible Vehicle Expenses

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When it comes to deducting auto expenses on your taxes, did you know what using a personal vehicle for business purposes can help you save some significant cash? On your taxes, you have two vehicle claims you can choose from. You could choose to claim the standard mileage rate or report any expenses incurred while using your vehicle for business-related activities. Standard Mileage Rates So what if you choose to claim the standard mileage rate? This option, according to the Drive Now experts for top car loans Arizona has to offer, is the simplest choice you could make. 2015’s rate of 57.5 cents/mile, but if you choose the option to claim this rate, you won’t be eligible to claim any car expenses for the year, including lease payments, fuel, insurance, or vehicle registration fees. In an average case, choosing the standard mileage rate will save more money than claiming any


4 Tips for Getting Auto Loans Approved with Bad Credit

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Are you in the market to buy a used vehicle? In this post, the experts at Drive Now are going to tell you more about our Buy Here Pay Here Phoenix program. So don’t get overwhelmed! Together, the process of filling out loads of paperwork in order to get a financial loan is minimized. We’re here to help you leave with the keys to your perfect car the day you step foot in our office. We offer one of the top programs for Buy Here Pay Here Phoenix residents have to choose from, so you don’t have to worry about dealing with any banks or third-party lenders. Known for our high-quality customer service, our experts will sit down with you one on one and go through the entire process in a painless way from start to finish, ensuring that you understand every part of the agreement. Our Buy Here Pay