Flexdrive FAQ

How does Flexdrive differ from renting, buying or leasing a car?

The cost of renting a car adds up fast. A common daily rate is $60-$100, and that’s before you factor in insurance costs, tax and miscellaneous fees. When you own a car, you have to deal with a down payment, registration, trips to the DMV, loan interest, maintenance, insurance costs-the list goes on. Not to mention the value of your owned vehicle depreciates over time. Plus, your needs may change, leaving you stuck with a car you barely drive or don’t really want. When you lease, you’re committed to a specific vehicle for the whole lease term, usually 12-36 months. Plus, you’re paying interest and tax on the lease. With Flexdrive, there’s no headaches and no long-term commitment. All your car costs are bundled into a simple single subscription fee so there are no surprises.

What types of vehicles does Flexdrive offer?

A variety! While the majority of vehicles are full-size or mid-size late model sedans and compact vehicles, we also stock full-size and compact SUVs. Luxury cars, trucks, hybrids and micro / mini cars are often available at some Flexdrive locations. Download the app to see current inventory in your area.

What's the minimum subscription length?

You can subscribe to a car for as little as 7 days or as long as 28 days at a time. You don’t have to stop there, though-you can renew your subscription as many times as you’d like. Some Flexdrive Members only need us week to week, and other Flexdrive Members have been in their vehicles for almost 2 years.

What are the total costs involved in a Flexdrive Membership?

To start your subscription, you’ll pay a single subscription fee that includes the car, insurance, maintenance and roadside assistance.

  • You’ll also pay a refundable security deposit to start your first subscription. The deposit amount varies by dealership and vehicle type.
  • If you return the vehicle after your subscription ends, you’ll be responsible for a late fees.
  • If you return the vehicle in a condition that requires us to clean and/or recondition it, you may incur additional fees.
  • You’ll be responsible for any tolls or violations.
  • Your location may require local/state vehicle taxes, which are typically no more than $2-$5 per day.
  • In some markets, your subscription may include a mileage limit. For subscriptions with mileage limits, you’d pay an additional fee – either $10 or $15, based on your market’s policy – for every hundred miles you drive over your limit.
Can I use a Flexdrive vehicle to drive for ridesharing services?

Flexdrive vehicles are prohibited for commercial hire (with the exception of transportation network company (“TNC”) use, but only to the extent such TNC provides insurance coverage for liability occurring during the use of the Vehicle for TNC purposes).

What should I bring with me to pick up my vehicle?

Please bring your driver’s license along with the credit card you have on file with your Flexdrive Membership.

What if I get a ticket or don't pay a toll?

You are responsible for covering the cost of traffic violations, citations or tolls that you may incur. Here’s how it works: since Flexdrive is the registered owner of the vehicle, Flexdrive will receive the bill for any tickets or tolls you incur, which we will then bill back to you at the end of your current subscription period. These charges will need to be paid in order for you to renew your subscription.