When is the Best Time to Buy a Used Car?

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Have you always wondered when the best time to buy a used car is? Or maybe you would rather know the worst time of year to buy a new car? Check out the data Drive Now has gathered from iSeeCars.com on when the most Arizona used cars are purchased. We’ve got the top 5 best and worst times to purchase a car. If you like to plan accordingly, it looks like the fall holidays are key to getting you the most bang for your buck!


Lease or Buy: Buy Here Pay Here Phoenix AZ Dealers

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You’ve looked at a dozen or more cars and you have finally found the one. It fits all your lifestyle needs and it is in your budget. Now, it is time to decide how you will pay for it. Most people finance their cars but wondering if leasing might be right for you? Both methods of payment have their pros and cons, of course. Think about how long you want to own the car, how old it is, and how much cash you have available. Drive Now can get you and your new car on the road and help you decide which method of payment will work best for you. The Pros and Cons of Leasing a Car If you are someone who likes getting a new car every few years, leasing might be the right option for you. Like renting an apartment, when you lease your car, you make


Is Purchasing a Car Better than Leasing?

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You probably know a lot of people who lease a car and also a lot of people who own one. It’s like Pepsi and Coke, and people always have their preferred option. So are you wondering which option is best for you? At the end of the day, the choice is yours. However, the Arizona auto loans experts at drive not definitely recommend purchasing a car for multiple different reasons. Read on to find out the advantages acquired from purchasing your next car rather than leasing it. No Mileage Limitations When renting or leasing a vehicle, there are always contracted mileage limitations that you have to deal with and be wary about. The more miles you want to have when leasing a car make the price you pay go higher and higher. Those who lease their vehicles sometimes will find themselves constantly counting and keeping track of their monthly mileage,


Is a Hybrid Right for Me?

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When you think of fuel efficiency, your mind might automatically jump to a hybrid vehicle. But if you are shopping buy here pay here dealers in Arizona, for a used car, you have other options too! Gas, Diesel, and Electric Motors: Myths Revealed Just because a car has a traditional gas motor, doesn’t mean it gets poor gas mileage. Some 4-cylinder model cars can get up to 40mpg! The key is to drive smart, not too fast, and ideally, mostly on highways. You will save a lot of money on gas if you opt for a manual transmission vehicle over an automatic. Diesel vehicles come in all shapes and sizes and are perfect for buyers interested in a bigger vehicle without compromising miles per gallon. Diesel engines operate about 30% more efficiently than regular gas, so it can also get you up to the 40-mpg range. Electric cars are a great


How to Buy a Car with Bad Credit

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Reliable transportation is a basic necessity for millions of American families. Even if you have bad credit can still get a car loan with terms that will not break your monthly budget. Below are a few tips to help you figure out how to buy a car even when you have bad credit history. 1. Check Your Credit Score Don’t just assume that your credit is bad or take someone else’s word for it. You can easily check for yourself by pulling your three reports for free at AnnualCreditReport.com. Take the time to go through your reports, check for any discrepancies and have them corrected immediately. Begin this process before you even apply for a loan as it will help you save money and time. Knowing your score allows you to clearly proceed with your financial situation and give you more confidence in the loan process. 2. Have Realistic Financial